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Every success story begins with a perfect combination of inspiration and talent.

In the case of Italian excellence, the spark ignites when an undaunted entrepreneurial spirit meets creative genius and the

quality ingredients
Tulli Dolciaria uses only the very best ingredients for its Bronte Pistachio PDO spread.

In May 2020, on his birthday, Alessandro went
to a new patisserie to buy a cake. There, a pyramid of pistachio spread jars caught his eye.
He’d thought he’d give himself one more treat,
but it was a treat that didn’t last long.


Once he got home, he couldn’t put the jar down
and it was love at first


The taste was pure ecstasy and gave Alessandro something more
than just an incredible gourmet experience. He began to imagine
taking that creamy deliciousness all over the world.

That night, caught up in a frenzy of entrepreneurial excitement
(and the taste of pistachio!) sleep eluded him. He couldn’t wait to
meet the person whose incredible skill produced
this gem of haute patisserie.


A success story was born the very same evening.


The next day Alessandro waited for Flavio patiently outside his store.
He introduced himself as a visionary gourmet
entrepreneur who had found love inside that jar.
He wanted to know everything about Flavio’s pistachio
spread and take it round the world.


It was a meeting, a shared passion and a vision that was boundless.
They both had a love for superb Italian excellence and wanted
to create a product that would truly stand out.


A jar containing a jewel of a spread that, once opened,
would release all the delicious aroma of toasted pistachios and,
with it, pure happiness and pleasure.