Our Philosophy

Che ispira la nostra passione

Tulli Dolciaria’s philosophy and aim is to create superb products with the finest ingredients: spreads and desserts that are truly moreish,
where you’ll be obsessed by the mere scent. Tulli wants to transport this joy around the world.

Top quality products need carefully chosen ingredients and an extensive personal knowledge of your suppliers
and their values. You have to experiment, research and try things out until you fall in love with the very first spoonful.

Not only the finest ingredients, but also an obsessive attention to our

When you open a jar of Bronte Pistachio PDO
spread you release the heady aroma of toasted pistachios.

This aroma is the result of the search for the perfect temperature, that moment in which pistachio becomes poetry.

Each note combines to create a symphony of flavour that sends taste buds into raptures and brings a smile to everyone’s lips.

Products that are not only products but


Our production plant has the highest safety standards and
is a fun, friendly place for those who work there every day.
Our production lines operate in real harmony to give the product all
its excellent features and to ensure you fall in love with it at first bite.

Our story

Nasce dall’incontro tra lo spirito imprenditoriale di Alessandro e l’estro culinario di Flavio, che insieme condividono una passione: l’amore per la crema di pistacchi e la ricerca dell’eccellenza.